Green Pastures

From Goat Breeding to Educating the Next Generation of Leaders in Myanmar

Building a new Asia, by giving children and adults access to Education, Skills and Income Generation Initiatives - to enable them to become 'catalysts for change', engaging and changing their communities and society for the better!


Myanmar, a land of hope

The country’s real riches are its people

Myanmar is one of the poorest places in the world. According to the United Nations' 2015 Human Development Report, the country is positioned at 148 out of 188 countries and territories. This doesn’t adequately represent the huge divide between rich and poor, particularly the rural people. Yet, since the democratic election of November 2015, new hopes for greater openness and development are emerging.

Te Gyi villagers, real change makers

Local communities are hungry for change

Te Gyi is located about 100 kilometers north of Naypyitaw (Myanmar’s capital). The village has no access to electricity or water. Education has taken a back seat as villagers eked out a subsistence life. Children are often expected to help their parents in the fields or are left to fend for themselves whilst their mothers work on the land. Despite it all, Te Gyi villagers strongly believe in a better future and want to make it happen.

Green Pastures, a community-driven project

How does it work?

We aim to enable young people and their families to become catalysts for change in their own life, community and society.

In 2014, 15 goats were given to 5 families over a period of two years. The income from the goat breeding will be split 50/50 between the families and the education project.

Today, there are 144 goats – an increase by 48! With more expected shortly! As a result, regular daily classes have been set up and 100 children are currently being educated. Children are beginning to experience success in state exams – unheard of previously. They are so enthusiastic about learning!

What's next?

Building a Learning Centre

The children are currently taught in a dilapidated shack made of bamboo with a roof made of palm leaves. There is no electricity and just a whiteboard serving as a single teaching aid. Building a brick and steel building will give the village a safe and long-term learning space. Our plan is to have two classrooms, an office and a library/media center.

The centre will be constructed using clay bricks made by the village people. The brick-making initiative will also continue into the future, well beyond the Learning Centre – as an income generation project for the villagers and for future investment into education of the children and other projects.

Join us today

Specifically, we are looking to raise $11,700 / £10,000 to purchase the land, build a tube well and buy the clay brick-making machine.

£3,003 raised so far out of £10,000
Thank you for your generosity!


Help us fund the learning centre and give life-changing opportunities to Te Gyi villagers.


Share your talents! You can also help by raising money for Green Pastures, volunteering in Asia (short or long term) or supporting the project through your employer (e.g. employee match funding)

Your support will help build leaders for the future. Thank you.

We will be in touch to share the project updates.

Martin and his wife Victoria are both local Myanmar. Fully trained and passionate about Te Gyi community, they lead the project and share the teaching of the children's village.

"When I look at the children in my country, most of them have lost their sense of true happiness. There are many children unable to receive an education, street children, orphans and handicapped. Every child, every individual, every family involved in Green Pastures becomes a potential seed for change for our country." Martin

"We keep a very close relationship with the village priest and elders. We want to use every opportunity to involve the community and foster their independence. This is what Green Pasture is all about." Victoria

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